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At the end of 2015 I launched my newsletter ‘Pencil Points’ which will, when the new website comes on stream, be downloadable. ¬†Until then we are sending it out by email to those interested so if you would like a copy just fill in the contact form on my website and we will send it to you.

As this is a new baby we would welcome any useful critiques and also any information relevant to the coloured pencil world that you would like published ie., exhibition dates etc.

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Back in the blustery, dull grey light in the UK after a fun week with everyone in Spain. These Muscatel Grapes seen in the sunny light in Spain where vibrant and translucent and I am struggling to keep the momentum going now I’m back in grey UK. Anyway I’ll share my progress to date with some photos from the trip.

These are three times life size and part of my “larger than Life’ series.

I’m laying down thin layers of colour and then gently dissolving with a minute amount of baby oil, too much and the colour comes off and smears, too little and the binder doesn’t dissolve.  this is all done with a pad of cotton wool, so high risk stuff as edges are extremely difficult to manipulate.

On the stalks I have embossed for the spots and then layered dry coloured pencil over the top.

Loads more layering and wiping!

More layering with baby oil and I can see the end in sight.


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Another fabulous week of intense creativity, laughter, excellent food and eventually some sunshine. Some very talented and hardworking students.

Enjoying a day out at Kitty’s Sculpture Garden north of Almenecar.


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Some final finishing touches needed and then a massive clean up, these rich purply-reds spread everywhere; then off to the scanners!

This is the latest in my ‘Larger than Life’ series – image size 57 X 37 cms 

After a longer winter period feeling totally uninspired I decided to get the studio refurbished. 

So this week the big clear up!


We have had a last minute cancellation for the Spanish holiday on 26th February. If anyone is interested do get in touch.

Also if you want to receive a copy of my regular monthly online newsletter ‘Pencil Points’, send me your email address.

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Apologies for lack of blogs but we actually had a short holiday travelling back through France and visiting Ewa Wnek-Webb, a Polish artist friend of mine from Teddington now living and painting in France. Since then we have been enjoying time with our beautiful granddaughter on a visit from New York and one year old now. Where did that year go!! Now I am back with my onions,briefly, before my trip to South Africa so I thought you might like to catch up on progress; even slower now we have the short winter days!!

I am testing out my new Icarus Box, a heated drawing pad I bought from Ester Roi who designed them in the US. I am only using it on the lower settings, as the paper cockles rather alarmingly on higher settings, but this enables me to work faster and spread the colour further. It will also keep me nice and toasty during the coming winter! More on trials of this later.


I shall be posting some new workshop dates on my website tomorrow. 

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The results of a lot of hard work, lovely food, plenty to drink and excellent company. Well done everyone.

   Last, but by no means least, Maisie’s take on the week. Looks like she had a great time to!

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This is the finished second in my latest ‘Larger than Life’ series and the first of a whole bunch of onion pictures that are spilling out of my head at the moment. The second is on it’s way to France with me so more on the progress there later. Meanwhile, let me know what you think. The onion is over 8inches in diameter! It is now available as a limited edition of 100 giclee prints, signed and numbers. Details on my website soon.


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